It was great to see a large number of the community at our last gathering for the commissioning of the members of the upcoming walks, 103 & 104. We were encouraged by the number of pilgrims already registered for the walks but look forward to seeing more registered by the closing dates.

Imagine being invited to a country estate for the weekend! A warm welcome by the butler at the door, your bags taken to your room and your clothes unpacked for you. The exotic fragrance of flowers by the window fills the room. Your bed is already made, and the maid arrives with refreshments while you settle in.

It’s Easter Sunday night and I am reflecting on that night centuries ago as our risen Lord appears to his frightened and confused disciples. We can try to put ourselves in their sandals, but we can’t really appreciate what they had been through and continue to struggle to understand! The word was out that Jesus’ tomb was empty and some were saying he was risen from the dead!